Our Capabilities at a glance

For the utmost satisfaction of our customers we offer the following capabilities in fast TAT and the highest quality and standards according to the specific requirements of our customers. Please contact us for further information.


PW 100 engine family and borescope inspections on PW150A, CF34 and CF34-8 engines.

Fuel Nozzles

We offer fuel nozzle overhaul for PW 100 series and PT6 series engines.


All survival equipment like vests, rafts, slides and survival kits can be serviced in our shops.

Oxygen Masks, Bottles & Reservoirs

We test, repair & overhaul oxygen masks, bottles and reservoirs. We also offer DOT hydrostatic tests.

Electronics & Avionics

We provide - beside others - smooth repairs of pilot headsets, galley & lighting equipment, window shades & Cargo Loading System.

Faucets & Water Systems

We provide repair services for faucets and water systems. We are the authorized repair station for Adams Rite Aerospace in Middle East for their water system product line.

Our Services at a glance

Beside our capabilities we offer the following services for our customers. Please contact us for further information.

24/7 AOG service

We are at your service around the clock.
You can find our hotline numbers at the bottom of this page.

On-Site Maintenance Crew

Our highly flexibel "On-Site Maintenance Crew" is ready in short response times all over the world.

Warehouse Management

Beside the daily business of handling goods we offer customs clearance, expertise in export/import compliance and exchange pool services. Known Consignor Reg. DE/KC/00625-01.

Purchasing Services

Our capable and experienced Sales/Repair Management Team will support all your needs.


Location: Ruesselsheim, Germany

MSI is an approved EASA Part-145 & FAA Part-145 maintenance organization for aircraft engines & QECs as well as fuel nozzles. Our stock ensures that we will get your aircraft back in the air with short turnaround times.

If needed, our On-Site Maintenance Crew can be dispatched within a very short time to any place in the world. We promise to have a crew on site anywhere in the world within 48 hours. Services are provided on scheduled or emergency basis.

For the Pratt & Whitney PW100 Series engines our services include but are not limited to:

  • Technical engine support with our "On-Site Maintenance Crew"
  • Hot Section Inspection / repair (also On-Site)
  • On-Site fuel nozzle changes
  • Lease engines & spare engine supply
  • Support in ECTM (Engine Condition Trend Monitoring) & analyses
  • Borescope inspections and training
  • Engine spare parts supply
  • QEC repairs, overhaul & modification, removal & built-up of engines
  • Engine pre-delivery inspections

Inflatables & Survival Equipment

Location: Ruesselsheim, Germany

We service almost all commercial aviation, general aviation, helicopter life vests & rafts. We also expanded our shop with the capability for slides in 2017.

  • Life vests
  • Rafts
  • Slides
  • Survival kits (jungle, dessert, polar etc.)

Because we are authorized directly from the OEM’s we can help with TBO changes, repack due to storage bin size change and any other change that involves an OEM/ TSO authorization changes.

  • OEM trained technicians
  • Average TAT: 5-10 days
  • Single certification also possible
  • TBO changes (with OEM authorization)
  • Vest repack due to pack size change (with OEM authorization)
  • Original OEM repair parts
  • Replacement vests (new and overhauled) in stock

We also have distributor status for all Eastern Aero Marine Products so we can offer most competitive prices and hold a significant inventory to support your operations.

Electronics & Avionics

Location: Ruesselsheim, Germany & Dubai, UAE


We are equipped to repair a variety of pilot headsets for commercial aircraft and helicopters from several OEMs such as Sennheiser, David Clark & Telex.

MSI is the official Telex Service & Warranty Repair Station for all Telex aviation products, such as Airman 750 / 850 and the new upcoming Airman headset generation. We are also the official Sennheiser Repair Station.

Galley Equipment

From all major manufacturers we have the capability for repairing and maintaning Galley Equipment such as

  • Coffee Maker
  • Water Boiler
  • Beverage Maker
  • Oven

To ensure the highest possible quality our qualified staff uses only OEM Parts.


Our well designed and constructed shops provide smooth repairs for our customers. Our repair services include:

  • Lighting equipment
  • Electromechanical window shades
  • Cargo Loading Systems (Airbus DS)
  • Digital video recorders

As in our other shops we are holding several approvals by a number of OEM to provide warranty/non warranty repairs and technical assistance for aircraft components.

Oxygen Masks, Bottles & Reservoirs

Location: Ruesselsheim, Germany

Oxygen Masks

MSI invested in new technologies of test equipment for oxygen masks (Crew & PAX), to provide improved service to our customers.

  • MC10-Series
  • MF10-Series
  • MF20-Series
  • MLC20/MLD20
  • 10100/10800 Series
  • BE Aerospace

Our factory trained personnel and modern equipment allow us to provide a top quality product maintained in full compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations at competitive price and TAT.

DOT Hydrostatic Test Requalification

We have the capability to hydrostatically test between 100-11,000 psi. Furthermore we also have the possibility to perform pressure tests on other equipment as needed up to 11,000 psi. MSI also offers complete Overhauls and refill/recharge on almost all CO2, N2, and CO2/N2 mixture reservoirs and our new full automatic filling station can fill to a 2 gram tolerance.

Oxygen Systems

Service equipment manufactured by all major manufcaturers

  • Pacific Scientific/Meggit
  • Avox
  • B/E Aerospace
  • Zodiac

We offer quick turnaround times and a 24 hour AOG service. Stock rotable assemblies for sales and exchanges.

Fuel Nozzles

Location: Ruesselsheim, Germany

From fuel nozzle overhaul for PW 100 series and PT6 series engines to complete engine disassembly we can help you with all of your PW 100 and PT6 series needs.

We provide:

  • Fuel nozzle overhaul for PW 100/150 series & PT6 series engines
  • Fuel manifold hose assy (Phase 4) repair & overhaul
  • PW 100 series piece-part repair overhaul
  • Complete engine disassembly for spare parts

Water Systems

Location: Dubai, UAE

We are the authorized repair station for Adams Rite Aerospace in the region for their Water System product line. Our repair services includes

  • Repair of mechanical faucets installed on various aircraft
  • Repair of Airbus A380 lavatory water supply system

Our factory trained personnel and modern equipment allow us to provide a top quality product maintained in full compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations at competitive price and excellent TAT.


Warehouse Management

Location: Ruesselsheim, Germany & Dubai, UAE

MSI is proud on their experienced logistic team with highly organizational skills meeting the needs of the aviation industry. Our two main goals at all time are minimize customer cost while maximize customer service.

  • Global warehouses with about 20.000 square feet of warehouse space
  • Divided into high rack warehouse space and small parts warehouse space
  • For our fast moving parts paternoster lifts help to cut down process time
  • Special areas for the storage of dangerous goods
  • Temperature and humidity controlled at all time
  • Handled via a state of the art ERP and Inventory Management System

Our own customs department offers the following services:

  • Import and export customs clearance
  • Foreign economics - export and import compliance experts
  • An own bonded warehouse is monitored electronically

The logistic center of MSI (Kobaltstrasse 2-4, 65428 Ruesselsheim, Germany) has been certified by the German Federal Aviation Office (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt LBA) as Known Consignor (see regulations (EC) 300/2008). Since end of 2012 MSI is registered in the European Regulated Agents and Known Consignors Database (RAKCD). The registry number is: DE/KC/00625-01.


We offer a 24/7 AOG service in all of our facilities.

AOG hotline: +49 6142 9551 247
Engine Shop: +49 151 174 443 06

Dubai: +971 4 8085 301