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ap&m Europe 2018
30 - 31/05/2018

Olympia London
London, United Kingdom
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Capabilities - Germany

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Survival Workshop

We service all commercial aviation, general aviation, helicopter life vests & rafts. We will be expanding our shop shortly to include slides & oxygen bottles.

We serve the following products:

  • Life vests
  • Rafts
  • Oxygen masks
  • Survival kits (jungle, dessert, polar etc.)

Because we are authorized directly from the OEM’s we can help with TBO changes, repack due to storage bin size change and any other change that involves an OEM/ TSO authorization changes.

  • OEM trained technicians
  • Average TAT: 3 days
  • Maximum 10 vests on each Form 1
  • Single certification also possible
  • TBO changes (with OEM authorization)
  • Vest repack due to pack size change (with OEM authorization)
  • Original OEM repair parts
  • Replacement vests (new and overhauled) in stock

Exchange Pool / Outright Sales

P/N Description OEM
R1700-101 T32 Life Raft EAM
R0202A201 T46 Life Raft EAM
R0102A105 T6 Life Raft EAM
P0640-101 Infant Life Vest EAM
P0640-103 Infant Life Vest EAM
P0640-117 Infant Life Vest EAM
P0174-101 PAX Life Vest EAM
P01074-101W PAX Life Vest EAM
P01074-109 PAX Life Vest EAM
P01074-109C Crew Life Vest EAM
P0723E105P PAX Life Vest EAM
P0723E105PW PAX Life Vest EAM
P0723E105PWF PAX Life Vest EAM
P0723-103W PAX Life Vest EAM
P0723-103 PAX Life Vest EAM
S-51850-6300-XXXXXX PAX Life Vest Switlik
S-21150-6300-XXXXXX PAX Life Vest Switlik
S-21250-6300-XXXXXX PAX Life Vest Switlik
S-10000-1300-XXXX Infant Life Vest Switlik
S-10002-1300-999117 Infant Life Vest Switlik
41030001 PAX Life Vest RFD
A312305A003RFD PAX Life Vest RFD
HS3701 PAX Life Vest Hoover
HS3701C Crew Life Vest Hoover
64356-101 56 Pax Life Raft Zodiac
60472-101 46 Pax Life Raft Zodiac
65025-103 25 Pax Life Raft Zodiac
66601-101 PAX Life Vest Zodiac
66601-501 Crew Life Vest Zodiac
S-10002-1300-XXXXXX Infant Life Vest Switlik
S-51150-6300-XXXXXX PAX Life Vest Switlik
00002136 PAX Life Vest RFD
00002143 Infant Life Vest RFD
63600-101 PAX Life Vest Zodiac
S-9400-21 All PAX Switlik

Direct contact


MSI Aircraft Maintenance Services International GmbH & Co. KG
Attention: Mr. Chris Elbert
Kobaltstrasse 2-4
65428 Ruesselsheim
Phone +49 6142 9551 1803
Fax +49 6142 9551 11
Mail  safety@msiair.com

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