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Engine Workshop

MSI is an approved EASA Part-145 maintenance organization for aircraft engines & QECs as well as engines and fuel nozzles.
Our extensive stock ensures that we will get your aircraft back in the air with short turnaround times.

On-Site Maintenance Crew

If needed, our On-Site Maintenance Crew can be dispatched within a very short time to any place in the world. The ability to have a crew on site anywhere within 48 hours is our promise. We provide our services on scheduled or emergency basis.

Our services at a glance

For the Pratt & Whitney PW100 Series engines our services include but are not limited to:

  • Technical engine support with our "On-Site Maintenance Crew"
  • Hot Section Inspection / repair
  • On-Site Hot Section Repairs (at operators' facility)
  • Lease engines & spare engine supply
  • Support in ECTM (Engine Condition Trend Monitoring) & analyses
  • Borescope inspections and training
  • Engine spare parts supply
  • On-site fuel nozzle changes
  • QEC repairs, overhaul & modification, removal & built-up of engines
  • Engine pre-delivery inspections

Capabilities overview

Please click on the following pictures to download our capability lists:

Direct contact


MSI Aircraft Maintenance Services International GmbH & Co. KG
Attention: Mr. Dietmar Wiegand
Pommernstrasse 8
65428 Ruesselsheim
Phone +49 6142 9551 35
Fax +49 6142 9551 11
Mail  dietmar.wiegand@msiair.com

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